About me

Hey there, Thanks for checking out my website.
I don’t really know what I should write on the about page.

So I’m just gonna write everything that comes to mind…

I started my online journey when I was 12 I think. I started as a web developer and designer (cool, right?)

I remember the day I got hired and made my first $30. I was over the moon.
And just a few weeks after. I was making more than my entire family combined.

But I was still working for others, Have deadlines to meet. And it was stressful.
Until one time, I saw a project posted on freelancer.com about something called SEO.

I spent the next week researching and reading about that.

It got my interest. And shortly after. I had my first website up
I spent months writing articles (on subjects I don’t know anything about), Building backlinks.

But gladly it paid off.

And one day, Google decided to update their algorithm. And I was F&*D.

Surprisingly. That made me take IM more seriously and taking it as a FULL TIME career.

Believe it or not. This is the SHORT version of that story.

Anyway, I created this site to share my thoughts and opinions about lots of products released every day in the marketplace.

So, Hope you enjoy it.



PS: you can connect with me on facebook here.